Ban Ki-Moon se afilia a Greenpeace


The UN Secretary General has real moral authority. We hope that Ban Ki-moon will use it to call for a “Bali Mandate”. What’s that? It’s what we need to get out of the biggest climate negotiations in over a decade that will take place in Bali, Indonesia at the end of the year. It’s a rescue plan for planet earth, which will result in a strengthened Kyoto Protocol…

… Then the Secretary General laid it out for us: “We need you, Greenpeace, to mobilize public opinion and enable politicians to do the right thing.” Putting the ball squarely in our court and that of our supporters. Strong leadership is only half of the equation; public pressure is the other half.

Tela marinera … Lo malo es que sabemos que estas cosas cuestan una pasta y luego no sirven para nada.


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