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Música punk islámica

escrito por Luis I. Gómez 9 noviembre, 2007

Beben cerveza por decilitros (ignorantes de que se están condenando al infierno eterno), cantan textos del tipo "I am an islamist! And I am an anti-christ!" en canciones tituladas "Sharia Law in the U.S.A.", los nombres de las bandas son del tipo "Vote Hezbollah" y, naturalmente, "son todos políticamente de izquierdas y odian al presidente Bush".

Y se expresan como cabe esperar de músicos comprometidos:

"I was at a point where I was just fucking depressed, man — just like, ‘Fuck, how am I ever going to make it as a musician in America?’ " says Diacritical frontman Waqar, who says the tour has reinvigorated him. "It feels good to be around a bunch of other people you can relate to who are dealing with the same sort of identity crises of coming from all these different countries. And trying to deal with that in America."

En su gira no todo fué un camino de rosas, sobre todo para las chicas:

The day after the Chicago basement show, the tour was invited to play at a conference of the Islamic Society of North America. The young audience it drew, segregated into male and female sections, roared with rock-star adoration. But when the female group Secret Trial Five took the stage, organizers had the police shut down the show, because it is forbidden for Muslim women to sing in public.

Nadie en el Ministerio de Cultura que les invite a un concierto multicultural? Nadie?