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En Alemania no se rajan, aquí lo tapan

escrito por Luis I. Gómez 12 marzo, 2007

Me refiero, claro está, a las amenazas de los terroristas islámicos para que sean retiradas las “tropas infieles” de Afganistán. Ya podemos leer un par de cosas interesantes en Barcepundit, calentitas y recién publicadas. Es por eso que, ya que están metidos en materia, les recomiendo este magnífico post de L.Vorzheva en su Toasted Bread. Calentito también, recién tostado, y cargado de informaciones como ésta:

These statements position Spain as a main target and also can be considered as the instigation or even that Al-Qaeda is easing the terrorist attacks in Spain. The reasons for this are several:

1. these have to be combined with other hostility statements again Spain, such as the one made on Dec 2006 against the “Spanish occupation of Ceutaand Melilla” in a message shown by Al-Jazeera TV.
2. there are also global menaces to some other Western countries, and among them Spain, forexample, to the Spanish troops in Lebanon and Afghanistan.
3. the idea of violently re-conquer Al-Andalus is in the ideology of the North-African Jihadi-terror nets and specially in the Argelian Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat’s one. Recently, this group has mergered into Al-Qaeda, re-naming itself as “AlQaeda’s Organization for theIslamic Maghreb”. This is good for both organizations: Al-Qaeda has away to introduce into Europe and specially Spain, while SGPC has acover for their operations.

This situation is worsened because of the rate of North-African jihadis in Spanish prisons.A 79% of the peoplewho entered in Spanish penitientiary institutions between 2001 and 2006as suspected of belonging to Jihadi Salafism were from North Africa. Infact, 77.77% come from Maghreb: 39,7% from Morocco y 31.4% from Argelia.

Consecuences in terms of national security:

1. thereis continuity of the possibility of suffering new terrorist attacksthat can have grave consecuences for the constitutional stability andthe cohesion of an open society.
2. they can affect severely to critical infraestructure or main strategical interests.
3. theway to carry out the attacks can change in a drastic manner. In factthere is much more probable a suicide attack today than was 3 years ago(I wonder why…).

Vayan a por pan tostado y deléitense con argumentos, casi hasta el empacho. Está claro que la cobardía se paga. Siempre.