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El peligro "amarillo"

escrito por Luis I. Gómez 6 marzo, 2005

Parece ser que el Gobierno chino, alentado por los mensajes “fraternizadores” que le llegan desde Europa (véase el repentino interés de Alemania por el mercado chino) ha decidido que es un buen momento para recuperar la política de reunificación y acabar así con Taiwan definitivamente. Vendiendo palillos? Comprando productos taiwaneses? forzando las bodas entre chinos y chinas a ambos lados del mar? proponiendo un sistema de autonomía? No, los chinos no piensan asi, sino más bien:

“Delivering the main opening address to China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) yesterday morning, Premier Wen Jiabao vowed that Beijing would never permit formal independence for Taiwan.
His comments came as the NPC prepared to consider an “anti-secession” law that would likely mandate a military response if Taiwan formally seceded from China. The measure is the culmination of a show of resolve by Chinese President Hu Jintao after he became China’s military leader late last year.

On Friday the government announced a 12.6 percent increase in military spending — its fourth double-digit increase in five years as it tries to back up threats to attack Taiwan.
It said it plans to spend 247.7 billion yuan (US$30 billion) on its military this year, though analysts say China’s true spending is as much as several times the reported figure.
Wen said military modernization was key to “safeguarding national security and reunification” — a reference to Taiwan.”

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